• Lemon Tart- A creamy lemon tart in a shortbread crust and topped with fresh sweet whipped cream.
  • Vanilla & Salted Caramel Cake- An 8 inch vanilla bean cake layered with rich salted caramel and coated in white chocolate frosting.
  • Carrot Cake- An 8 inch layered spiced carrot cake coated in rich cream cheese frosting.
  • Citrus & Raspberry Cake- An 8 inch cake with layers of fresh lemon and orange zest cake, sweet raspberry filling, and coated in our signature cream cheese buttercream frosting.


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Pick up dates are 3/12/16, 3/18/16, 3/19,16, 3/25/16 & 3/26/16 Pickup location: Montgomery, Texas

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