A letter....

My darling boy, 

When I learned of your existence I felt scared and alone. I was entering into untouched territory and didn’t know what to expect. I knew I loved you and that you were meant for me, but I didn’t know how I would embark on the journey alone. But I wasn’t alone was I? I had you, as small as you were in that moment, you were bigger than me, and you were given to me for a reason. 

You see, the husband who helped create you was someone I needed to let go of. Someone who didn’t understand the beauty growing in my tummy. I knew I had to do it alone, just you and me, my darling. You gave me the strength I did not have on my own to let go, you are the reason I was able to move forward. You gave me life, and I gave you yours. 

Once you arrived I held you against my chest and I knew you were the reason for all he pain and struggle, you were worth it. Those first months were hard, raising babies is not for the weak, and it was just you and me, no husband to help lighten the load. 

I would pray with you in my arms that the Lord would send you a dad and me a partner with His time. That when he was sent I would know it was His doing. After ten months together, it was time, your daddy was sent. He came in a way that I didn’t expect, but he was the one, none the less. He loved you fierce and I knew. I knew he would always protect you, teach you, guide you, and above all love you. 

Your dad fought for you, and today that fight is over, we are all one. We are a complete family sharing the same name. I am beyond thankful. Thankful for you my darling and for your daddy.